Year Ender 2023: From AI fake calls to YouTube video likes, these 5 online scams are in the news

This year, many cases of fraud and online scams have come to light in the world of technology. Scammers have discovered many new methods of scam and fraud this year. Let us tell you about some such online scam methods which were much discussed this year. This includes everything from Artificial Intelligence to QR code scams.

The year 2023 has been very special for technology. Along with smartphones, many Artificial Intelligence tools have also been launched this year and they have attracted people’s attention. Cases of fraud and scams also came to light in 2023. Recently there was a lot of discussion about the use of AI in deepfake videos. Now that the year is about to end, there is a lot of discussion about the year ender. This year, cases of fraud and scam also came to light.

As much as our lives have become easier with the rise of technology, its dangers have also increased. New technology has also given rise to new methods of fraud and deception. This year, hackers targeted people for fraud in new ways. Let us tell you about 5 such online scams which were in the headlines this year.

face call for online scams

Whatsapp call for Online Scams

WhatsApp calls remain in the headlines in 2023. Apart from cheating through normal calls, scammers have found another new way of cheating. Now scammers also try to cheat people through WhatsApp calling. Many users complained that they received a WhatsApp call from an international number asking for personal information. In WhatsApp calls, people were being asked for details on the pretext of jobs.

QR Code Scam

QR code was also in discussion this year. When scammers scan fraudulent QR codes, users are redirected to phishing pages and malware sites, making them victims of fraud. Through this, scammers also steal personal information of users.

Scam ( Video Source : Techno Haris )

Fake job Scam

In view of the rapidly increasing lack of employment, scammers are now cheating people by luring them with jobs. Many cases of fake job scams also came to light in 2023. In this, scammers create fake jobs and lure people to get jobs and many people also share their personal information to get the job. Scammers made many people their victims through this.

Scam like YouTube Video

The scam of earning money through YouTube videos also came to light. In this, scammers used to make people victims of fraud by luring them to earn money by watching and liking YouTube videos.

online jobs for online scams

AI Fake call Scam

Seeing the increasing use of Artificial Intelligence, scammers have now found a new way of cheating through AI this year. In this type of scam, scammers make calls and video calls in the voice of any of your relatives through AI. In this, money is transferred to people citing important work.

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