What is Artificial intelligence (AI) in simple words

Man has developed so much in the field of technology that now he is thinking of creating a moving machine that can think, understand and use his brain, which will have the ability to work exactly like humans. Could. The machine made from that advanced technology is called artificial intelligence. People don’t know much about it.

That is why today in this post we have brought for you special information related to AI i.e. artificial intelligence, in which you will know what is AI?, where will it be used? And what are its advantages and disadvantages? Will tell about all these.

What is artificial intelligence?

 Here artificial means made by a person and means intelligence. Intelligence means the power to think. AI is a branch of computer science that is developing machines that can think and act like humans. When we prepare a computer in such a way that it can work like a human being, then it is called artificial intelligence, that is, when we set such programs in a machine that it can work like a human being, it is called artificial intelligence. is called intelligence.

What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)

This power of intelligence grows within us humans automatically. By seeing something, hearing something, touching something, we can think about how we should behave with that thing. In the same way, a kind of intelligence is developed inside the computer system through which the computer system or robotic system is made to run on the basis of logic on the basis of which the human brain works. Some scientists of Computer Science had put forward the concept of AI in front of the world in which they had told that through AI concept, a plan is being made to create a computer controlled machine or a software which can think in the same way as the human brain thinks. Human beings want to get the work of thinking, analyzing and remembering done by a computer instead of their brain, that is why emphasis is being laid on the progress of artificial intelligence. In the world of computer science, AI is also known as machine learning. Machine learning is a part of AI. This gives the system the ability to learn and improve itself from its experience. And in this, computers are allowed to learn on their own without humans. The purpose of machine learning is to create computer programs that can automatically access data and learn from it. Just as humans improve an ability through their experience, in the same way there are AI programs through which machines can also learn. In today’s time, python programming language is being used most for AI and machine learning.

Who started AI?

When people discovered the real power of computers, it forced them to think in the minds of humans whether a machine can also think like humans? This question started the development of artificial intelligence, behind which the only objective was to create an intelligent machine which is as intelligent as humans and has the ability to think, understand and learn like them. In 1995, John McCarthy used the term “artificial intelligence” for the first time. He was an American computer scientist. Who first told about this technology in a conference in 1956, that is why he is also called the father of artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence is not a new subject. This has been discussed around the world for decades. The basis of films like Matrices, robot charming, blood runner is based on artificial intelligence. Where the form of the robot was shown and how it thinks like humans. And it works.

Where artificial intelligence is used?

The popularity of Artificial Intelligence has been increasing rapidly since the beginning and today it has become a topic which is being discussed a lot in the fields of technology and business. Many experts and industry analysts believe that this or machine learning is our future, but if we look around us, we will find that this is not our future but our present. With the development of technology, today we are connected to AI in some way or the other and are also using it. We have many AI products and apps now because many companies have recently invested in machine learning. So today let us give you examples of AI available today.

  1. You must have seen Apple phone, you must have also heard about its most popular personal assistant series. Shri is the best example of AI. With this you can get all those things done which you used to try and do earlier on the internet. Like sending messages, searching information from the internet, opening any application, setting a timer, setting an alarm etc. Like, you can get all the work done without using your mobile by saying ‘Shiri se hai Shiri’. Shiri uses machine learning technology to understand your language and questions. However, it is available only in iPhone and iPad. Similarly, there is Alexa revise, Cortana of Windows and personal assistant of android phone, Google assistant which are used to work like a needle.
  2. Google uses AI in many of its areas, but AI technology has been used well in Google Maps. Google maps tracks our location, and also uses AI enabled mapping to show us the right path and helps us in finding the right route.
  3. Popular e commerce website Amazon has also launched a revolutionary product named Echo. This may answer your questions. Can read audio book for you. Can tell your traffic condition and weather report. Can also tell the schedule of any sports.
  4. AI is being used extensively not only in smartphones but also in the field of automobiles. If you like cars then you will definitely know about Tesla car. This car is among the best automobiles ever available. After connecting with Tesla car, futures like self driving are available in it. Don’t know how many self-driving cars and vehicles have been built like this. Which will become smarter in the times to come.
  5. AI is also being used extensively in the manufacturing industry. The work which earlier required hundreds of people to do, today is being done much faster and better with the help of machines.
  6. We also get a glimpse of AI in video games, like in many games you have to play with computer, like chess and Ludo. Apart from all this, AI is also used in speech recognition, computer vision, robotics, finance, weather forecasting, health industry and aviation.
Benefit of Artificial Intelligence

What are the benefits of artificial intelligence?

  1. AI helps us in reducing the error and with more accuracy the chances of achieving accuracy increases.
  2. Using AI helps in taking faster decisions and acting quickly.
  3. Unlike humans, machines do not require constant rest and refreshment. They are capable of working for long periods of time and neither grow tired, nor get distracted, nor get tired.
  4. With the help of AI, there can be a big change in many areas like communication, defence, health, disaster management and agriculture.
Disadvantage of artificial intelligence

What are the disadvantages of artificial intelligence?

  1. The benefits of artificial intelligence are not very clear yet, but regarding its dangers, it can be said that humans will be the biggest losers due to the arrival of AI.
  2. AI will work in place of humans and machines will start taking decisions on their own and they will not be controlled. So this can also pose a danger to humans.
  3. Experts say that if thinking robots consider humans as their enemies for any reason or circumstance, then it can pose a threat to humanity.
  4. Manufacturing of artificial intelligence requires huge cost because it is a very complex machine. Their repair and maintenance require huge costs.
  5. There is no doubt that AI is taking over many jobs from humans and the problem of unemployment is going to increase in the future. Google CEO Sundar Pichai says that we have learned to use fire and electricity for the benefit of humanity, but it is important to overcome its bad aspects. Similarly, artificial intelligence is also such a technology and we are using it for our benefit in many areas. But the truth is also that if a way is not found to avoid this risk, it can have serious consequences.

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