Google surprised the world, created a new Gemini AI tool that thinks like Humans, ChatGPT also failed

Google has introduced its new AI tool. His name is Gemini. Regarding this chatbot, the company claims that it is many times better than AI chatbots of other companies. Google’s new Gemini AI tool will compete directly with OpenAI’s ChatGPT. Gemini will be able to process text, images, code and video faster and provide more accurate results.

Google launches Bard to compete with OpenAI’s ChatGPT. This AI tool, which came in the first half of this year, did not attract people as much as ChatGPT did. Now Google has brought its new product. The company has launched a powerful Artificial Intelligence system (AI), which is named Gemini AI.

It also includes the Bard Chatbot, which will be available to Bard users as an upgrade. With the help of this new model Gemini, Google wants to compete with OpenAI’s GPT-4 and Meta’s Llama 2. The Gemini AI update will soon be made available to Bard and Pixel users around the world.


The Gemini AI is quite advanced and will be capable of multitasking in real time. It will be able to work on different types of information such as text, images, codes and videos at the same time. Apart from this, it has the ability to understand reasoning, coding and planning in a better way.

Gemini AI tool will be available in three sizes

Gemini AI will be made available in three variants depending on the users and their needs. The first will be Ultra, which will be capable of completing highly complex tasks. Apart from this there is also Pro and Nano. Initially it will be available in English language and can be used in more than 170 countries. Support for other languages will also be added in the coming time.

Gemini pro

Gemini Pro with Bard can be used with text based prompts. Apart from text, Gemini Pro will soon be available in Bard with other features also. Gemini Pro can be used with Bard in English. This facility will be available for more than 170 countries, which will also include India.

Gemini Pro will compete with GPT-3.5

According to the company, the Gemini Pro was tested with 8 industry-standard benchmarks. Gemini Pro was found to be better than GPT-3.5 in 6 out of 8 benchmarks. Gemini Pro was found to be superior in large-scale multitask language understanding, which is considered a leading standard for measuring large AI models.

Gemini ultra

In the second phase, Bard will be introduced with Gemini Ultra. With this AI chatbot, users will be able to access the company’s most advanced models and capabilities. However, the ability to use Bard with Gemini Ultra will be introduced early next year.

Gemini Ultra will compete with GPT-4

With the help of this AI model, it will help in performing complex tasks. The company says that this AI model has been brought with the ability to understand and work on information like text, images, audio-video and code better and faster. The Gemini Ultra model will work to compete with GPT-4.

Gemini Ultra support will be available in the coming new year

In the new year, Google will support Gemini Ultra Inside Bard, which is designed to instantly understand and act on different types of information such as text, images, audio, video, and code. With its multimodal reasoning capabilities, Gemini Ultra can understand, understand, and generate high-quality code in the world’s most popular coding languages.

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